Taylor Sacked as Palace Boss

After a disappointing start to the season Simon Jordan finally put us, and Peter Taylor, out of our misery, relieving our legendary player from his role as manager.

The great shame is just how much goodwill there was towards Peter Taylor. Frankly there’s been precious little animosity towards him despite results on the pitch, just worries about what this does for his legacy at Selhurst Park. No-one wanted him to fail, just the opposite in fact. Not that any fan in their right mind wants a Palace manager to fail, but because of his achievements in a Palace shirt I think we all wanted Taylor to bring similar excitement to the club in his time as manager. It just didn’t work that out that way.

So once again we’re on the hunt for a new manager. Who will we get this time? With the international break coming up we’ve got two weeks to put a new manager in place, if we should wish to do it that quickly. As usual, life in SE25 isn’t dull, although that doesn’t always mean it is pleasant.

Crystal Palace boss Taylor sacked [BBC Sport]

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