The Devil Works For Errea

So today was the today that the club decided to announce details of the new kit deal with Errea, and in doing so also launched possibly the worst home kit I’ve ever seen.

Our new kit sucks

It seems I’m not alone in not liking it. There are plenty of BBSers? and Holmesdale Online members who don’t like it either. There’s even a petition about it.

Of course Simon Jordan likes it, saying “The Italians are renowned for? their style and quality in the design and manufacture of clothes and I believe this year’s kit will be received as one of the best yet.”

At this point it is worth remembering Jordan’s penchant for red jackets and Robbie Savage-style haircuts (say no more).

Yet again there is more mucking around with the stripes, another abomination of a home shirt. It makes me wonder quite what the chairman is thinking if he was the person who ultimately sanctioned this monstrosity.

On the plus side Dougie Freedman is modelling the away kit, so that? might indicate his return in some capacity next year is closer to being finalised.

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