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Our youth system is admired up here too

Interesting piece on the BBC website today that says that Motherwell might be in the market to take some of our younger players on loan. Given that Motherwell are a matter of miles away from where I live, I thought it only fair to share a few thoughts on the subject.

1) Could many Palace fans name Motherwell’s manager before clicking the above link? Well, if you haven’t read it let me tell you who it is. Mark McGhee. That’s right, ex-Millwall and ex-Brighton manager Mark McGhee. The same Mark McGhee thousands of us urged to cheer up during the play-offs in 1997. Do we really want to help him out? I say no.

2) The typical Motherwell attendance for a non-Old Firm opponent is around 5,000. With those numbers do you think they’re paying any loanee’s wages in full? I doubt it very much.

3) For all the arguments about the quality of the SPL the one word I would definitely use to describe it is physical. If the likes of Lewis Grabban are going to get kicked about I’d sooner they are being kicked about in the Championship while wearing our red and blue. Why take the risk when it isn’t us gaining the reward?

4) Lewis Grabban became a regular substitute for the first team towards the end of the last season, and has already scored in a league fixture. I’d say that makes him too valuable for him to go anywhere.

5) Mark McGhee? Really?