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Dowie Returns, Snatches a Point

Just when it looked as if we might claim a second win of the season, up popped Leon Best three minutes from time to grab a draw for Coventry. We had earlier taken the lead through Stuart Green.

You just know how much Simon Jordan would have wanted to win this game, and to come so close to winning it but only ending up with a draw won’t have helped his mood. Personally I wouldn’t like to be Peter Taylor right now, because while a win would have eased the pressure on him this will have only turned up the heat on the Selhurst hotseat.

As for Dowie, well, lest said the better. On this occasion a battle between Dowie and Palace ended in stalemate.

Crystal Palace 1-1 Coventry City [BBC Sport]

Jordan wins Dowie court case

Wow – quite a surprise this. Simon Jordan has won his court case against Iain Dowie.

All the media coverage seemed bleak from a Palace perspective, and many of the legal eagles on the BBS were expecting a negative outcome. While common sense would seem to say that Dowie engineered his way to Charlton that is quite a different thing than proving it in a court of law, especially in what appears to be a “I said/he said” case.

Apparently who is owed what will be settled at a later date (surely if we won the case then we’re owed £1m, or does that make too much sense?), so it looks like this will continue to run and run.

Palace chief wins £1m court case [BBC News]