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Warnock Takes Over

We know that Simon Jordan doesn’t advertise the manager’s job in the small ads, but if he did I suspect it would say something like “Opinionated chairman seeks like-minded manager to get us out of this miserable division”.

If he wants opinionated, then new appointment Neil Warnock is his man. If he wants someone to get us promoted, then Warnock’s track record show he could very well be that man. However at the moment the threat facing us is of leaving this division by the wrong door.

Warnock appointed new Palace boss [BBC Sport]

Taylor Sacked as Palace Boss

After a disappointing start to the season Simon Jordan finally put us, and Peter Taylor, out of our misery, relieving our legendary player from his role as manager.

The great shame is just how much goodwill there was towards Peter Taylor. Frankly there’s been precious little animosity towards him despite results on the pitch, just worries about what this does for his legacy at Selhurst Park. No-one wanted him to fail, just the opposite in fact. Not that any fan in their right mind wants a Palace manager to fail, but because of his achievements in a Palace shirt I think we all wanted Taylor to bring similar excitement to the club in his time as manager. It just didn’t work that out that way.

So once again we’re on the hunt for a new manager. Who will we get this time? With the international break coming up we’ve got two weeks to put a new manager in place, if we should wish to do it that quickly. As usual, life in SE25 isn’t dull, although that doesn’t always mean it is pleasant.

Crystal Palace boss Taylor sacked [BBC Sport]

Dowie Returns, Snatches a Point

Just when it looked as if we might claim a second win of the season, up popped Leon Best three minutes from time to grab a draw for Coventry. We had earlier taken the lead through Stuart Green.

You just know how much Simon Jordan would have wanted to win this game, and to come so close to winning it but only ending up with a draw won’t have helped his mood. Personally I wouldn’t like to be Peter Taylor right now, because while a win would have eased the pressure on him this will have only turned up the heat on the Selhurst hotseat.

As for Dowie, well, lest said the better. On this occasion a battle between Dowie and Palace ended in stalemate.

Crystal Palace 1-1 Coventry City [BBC Sport]

Jordan wins Dowie court case

Wow – quite a surprise this. Simon Jordan has won his court case against Iain Dowie.

All the media coverage seemed bleak from a Palace perspective, and many of the legal eagles on the BBS were expecting a negative outcome. While common sense would seem to say that Dowie engineered his way to Charlton that is quite a different thing than proving it in a court of law, especially in what appears to be a “I said/he said” case.

Apparently who is owed what will be settled at a later date (surely if we won the case then we’re owed £1m, or does that make too much sense?), so it looks like this will continue to run and run.

Palace chief wins £1m court case [BBC News]

The Devil Works For Errea

So today was the today that the club decided to announce details of the new kit deal with Errea, and in doing so also launched possibly the worst home kit I’ve ever seen.

Our new kit sucks

It seems I’m not alone in not liking it. There are plenty of BBSers? and Holmesdale Online members who don’t like it either. There’s even a petition about it.

Of course Simon Jordan likes it, saying “The Italians are renowned for? their style and quality in the design and manufacture of clothes and I believe this year’s kit will be received as one of the best yet.”

At this point it is worth remembering Jordan’s penchant for red jackets and Robbie Savage-style haircuts (say no more).

Yet again there is more mucking around with the stripes, another abomination of a home shirt. It makes me wonder quite what the chairman is thinking if he was the person who ultimately sanctioned this monstrosity.

On the plus side Dougie Freedman is modelling the away kit, so that? might indicate his return in some capacity next year is closer to being finalised.

New kits! []
Preview of new kit [Holmesdale Online]
Rethink the design of the 2007/08 kits []

Palace should make us happy, apparently

Like many other Palace fans, I don’t just limit my online reading to sporting issues. I also like to keep up to date with all kinds of stuff.

I did laugh though when I read this, via Lifehacker. Apparently this is one of seven sure-fire tips for happiness:

5. Lay the groundwork for some future fun: order a book you’ve been wanting to read (not something you think you should read) or plan a weekend excursion to a museum, hiking trail, sporting event, gardening store, movie theater – whatever sounds like fun.

Compare that with the number of people posting that they’ve got no intentions of attending any of the three remaining home games this season. This should be Simon Jordan’s sales pitch: “Come to Palace, we can make you happier (honest!)”.

Seven tips for making yourself happier [Happiness Project]

“We need to go on an amazing run now.”

Those are the words of Peter Taylor in regard to our play-off chances following today’s 1-0 defeat at home against Birmingham City.

Rather like last year’s repeatedly unrealistic touting of automatic promotion this equally unrealistic talk of play-offs is becoming increasingly annoying. We’re in 12th place, we’re fourteen points behind sixth-placed Preston and we’ve played a game more than they have. So can we stop the play-off talk now please?

Elsewhere our chairman has been renewing his friendship with the men in charge at Birmingham City. It could be quite funny, if they weren’t further ahead of us than Preston are. Meanwhile some fans are discussing whether what we’re seeing now is worse than what Trevor Francis served up. Nice.

Crystal Palace 0-1 Birmingham [BBC Sport]